Sunday, August 12, 2007

3.6 hours: Pattern and salinas

Winds were howling today, leading to some real rough landings. At least I know the fairings are sturdy now!

Hazy over the central valley today.

I found a good use for my backup GPS -- by leaving it on the "NRST" page, it constantly tells me where to head in case the engine quits. It also has field elevation and distance so I can tell if I'm in gliding range.

First clear day over Monterey I've seen ever.

On the ground at Salinas (first time here, mainly as a bathroom break). Line guy rolled up with a cold bottle of water within seconds! Gas was overpriced though.

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My Left Nut said...

Thanks for the great pictures from Salinas airport. The brought back great memories. I used to fly into Salinas with my ex-wife. We decided to have breakfast at the cafe one morning after work (we both worked graveyard shift at SCVMC in San Jose).

The waitresses looked like they had been working there since the 50's. Very poor attitudes...

"Yeah...whatcha want?"

After retrieving the menus thrown in front of us, I decided a nice breakfast of french toast with some bacon would be great.

"We got no bacon"

(looks over menu) "I'll have sausage instead"

"We're out of sausage"

"Uhm, how about a couple of eggs with that?"

"We got no eggs."

"Ok, fine. I'll just have the french toast."

"We're out of french toast."

"Oh-kay, what DO you have for breakfast?"

"I think we have some pancakes. (Turns to scream loudly) Hey Mack, we got any pancakes left? (From the kitchen, "I think I can 'scrape together' a stack.)"

"Fine, I'll have a short stack with some orange juice."

"Uhm, we're..."

"Never mind, you got milk?"

"Yeah, got some left."

"Fine, I'll have a glass of milk."

My ex-wife (fortunately) ordered just a cup of coffee. Our "meal" was served, and I noticed the milk was quite soured. I brought it to the attention of our oh-so-sweet waitress who picked up my glass, took a swig and announced, "It tastes fine to me!" Our meal was eaten (minus the rest of the milk) and we left to fly home (after leaving a 37¢ tip). As we were flying home to SJC, my stomach started feeling kinda funny. I remember asking my ex-wife if she would like some right seat time and she jumped at the chance. I gave her altitude and heading and she held it perfectly, as usual. I didn't ever use the sic-sac, but felt I was lucky to have left Salinas alive.