Monday, October 15, 2007

Harris Ranch and misc flying

Flew to Harris Ranch on saturday, but forgot the camera. Too bad, I was dodging cumulus all the way down there.

On Sunday, I set out to do some maintenance and found my brake fluid reservoir was leaking all over the inside of the firewall and my soundproofing foam. That fitting has leaked before -- I tightened it and forgot about it. Now it was loose again, even though there's no way it can rotate. I suspect that nylon fitting just isn't up to the job, and will need to be replaced.

I also added a trim tab for my rudder, made of two pieces of stacked AEX wedge, taped on with aluminum tape.

I had planned to fly over to Watsonville for cheap gas, but it was fogged in. So I cruised over to RHV for the first time instead.

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