Friday, November 23, 2007

Harris Ranch

Some of the SoCal RV guys organized a small flyout to Harris Ranch, we had about 15 RVs show up, including a formation arrival and a smoky fly-by.

The winds were pretty wild -- we might have felt 25 knots on the ground, and I saw a 45 knot headwind on the way over.

Nice to finally put a face to all the SoCal-RVList names!

I also tried out a new camera mount. Need to run the camera in higher-resolution mode next time! Add in my compression and YouTube's compression and you get a whole mess of pixels. Well, at least it was a good on-the-numbers landing.


My Left Nut said...

Who buzzed you on the landing? It looked like a very fast plane flying down the centerline about 500' above you. Or, was that an artifact on the film?

Paul said...

One of the other fly-in attendees did an overhead break as I was landing. Hard to see except for the shadow, thanks to YouTube...