Sunday, June 24, 2007

First 10 hours

The plane is running pretty good right now. I cleared some squawks off the list, some other problems disappeared (the high fuel pressure, in particular), and I finally felt like the engine was broken-in enough to try some pattern work which went pretty well.

I've landed at Hollister twice now, and although the food is good, the air is bumpy and I have seen runway conflicts both times I've been there. One of the two included me making a go-around while a glider landed on the crosswind runway. The weekend is especially busy there...lots of gliders inbound and outbound, parachute jump planes, and just a few spam-cans. And I'm pretty sure some RC aircraft buzzed me on takeoff...the AFD lists a RC field nearby.

Parked on the ramp at CVH

Ding-A-Ling Cafe at CVH

And despite being confined to a fairly uninteresting test box, I've seen a few interesting things...

Castle Air Museum, from the air

Some Yaks departing E16

CDF spotter aircraft departing CVH

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