Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oil Change

Forgot my camera today, sorry!

At 11 hours on the hobbs and 7.5 on the tach, I decided it was time for an oil change. The draining went smoothly (I have a quick-drain from Van's), but the filter removal was not so good. Lots of oil was still in the filter, and the 45-degree adapter made sure it all drained out all over the fuel pump, engine mount, and floor. This was after a short flight to warm the oil -- maybe I need to let it drain overnight next time?

Prospective RV builder Steve flew in and checked things over. He's just >< this far away from pulling the trigger, I bet.

The Airwolf filter cutter made quick work of cutting the filter open, no metal found.

After getting cowled up again, I flew out to the last unexplored part of my test box: Watsonville and Salinas. Watsonville (where I am not allowed to land) sounded busy -- to be expected at an airport with a restaurant on a nice Saturday. Salinas (towered, where I am allowed to land) was dead, and had hundreds of empty tie-downs waiting for a visitor. I will try landing there tomorrow for lunch.

Back at South County, I found that the fuel island is out of gas. Now I really have an excuse to get to Salinas tomorrow!

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