Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fairings done, finally!

What a cruelly huge amount of work for Van's to leave you to do after you get your airplane flying. I must have spent at least 60 hours on these guys, and I even bought pre-made intersection fairings from fairings-etc.

Well, they're finally done, and I can get back to the important business of getting that 40 hour test period flown off.

The only advice I've got for the fairings: don't be afraid to use your heat gun -- liberally. There are lots of places where things won't line up right, and thankfully this non-structural fiberglass can be abused with heat without too much worry.

Here's an alternative to drilling a big hole to fill up the nosewheel: this is two air valve extenders from the auto-parts store epoxied together. It fits through a 1/4" hole in the fairing. If you can find some that are threaded on both sides then you can skip the epoxy.

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